Reschbox® gives shape to your clients' unpronounced wishes

Reschbox® is a brand new tool which makes planning interior design easier and more efficient. With its unique system of interactive style recomendations, it offers an even more thorough approach to advising clients for interior decorators, designers, sales assistants in furniture stores and home extention or redecoration advisers as well as bathroom and kitchen planners. By analysing a client's colour preference, it generates a set of customised recomendations as to their ideal individual style of interior decoration. These results indicate which direction to follow in the process of consumer guidance and for the subsequent implementation of the project.

Reschbox® meets the exact needs of the planner or adviser. Thanks to its clever combination of handy colour-scheme cards and an internet-based evaluation system, it is easy to use and can be employed without previous training. It can at any time during the process of advising customers be referred to without taking the focus too much off the actual planning. Based on the client's choice of colours, their individual interior decoration profile is automatically generated out of a database of over 100,000 different combinations with a simple mouse click. The thus created recomendations cover all aspects of interior decoration: materials, surfaces, arrangement of lines, floor and wall design, choice of colours and light.

Reschbox® enables the designer or adviser to discover tastes and preferences which the client isn't necessarily aware of and therefore often doesn't communicate. Such valuable information helps creating a custom-made solution to their ideal interior design. It accentuates the designer or adviser's competence, while the personal approach gives the client a feeling of being in good hands and understood in all aspects.

Reschbox® comes in the handy format of a cd box and is used together with the internet-based application Stylefinder.

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