What makes Reschbox® unique?
Its ingenious combination of handy colour-scheme cards and an internet based application. It can be used without any previous knowledge - no training necessary. It produces precise recomendations for an individual decorative style in just three steps.

Why does Reschbox® use colour as a starting point? Why not materials, or surface structures?
Because colour is rooted deep inside of us. Our perception of colour is instinctual. Our colour preferences are the key to all other aspects of interior decoration: materials, surfaces, arrangement of lines, floor and wall design, choice of colours and light.

Who is Reschbox® made for?
For anyone offering guidance to clients in interior design: interior decorators, architects' studios, furniture or home decoration stores, carpenters or cabinet makers who offer advice on interior decoration as well as bathroom and kitchen planners.

How will Reschbox® contribute to my work?
Its unique system of interactive style recommendations enables the designer or adviser to discover tastes and preferences which the client isn't necessarily aware of and therefore often doesn't communicate. Such valuable information significantly helps creating a custom-made solution to their ideal interior design.
For example: when advising clients personally, Reschbox® helps to find solutions which accommodate the wishes of all clients involved (e. g. a married couple with different tastes) or decoration styles which may appeal to a specific target group (e. g. in hotels, restaurants or the retail sector).
In the long run, evaluating the already generated design profiles is an efficient way of training critical client assessment and obtaining information about one's own outward appearance.

What if the recomendations don't seem to apply?
The generated information on type and style of interior design are suggestions - they indicate which direction to follow, without dictating details. These recomendations build the basis for any further advice and planning.

Is Reschbox® being developed further and kept up-to-date?
The design profiles which are generated using the internet based application Stylefinder are continuously being developed and kept up-to-date. These changes will be fully compatible with your existing Reschbox® equipment and use.